W. R. Allen

Walter Raymond Allen was born in 1921, in Ashtabula, Ohio. His parents emigrated from Finland as children. Both his mother and father settled in a large, Finnish and Finnish-American community in Ashtabula, on the banks of Lake Erie.

He moved as a child with his parents to the Bronx, New York. At eighteen he moved west to live in and attend college at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he was a member of the ski team. On his draft card he listed his career as “actor.” While he never pursued that career professionally, he loved the arts throughout his life.

He and his family made frequent trips back to New York to visit a beloved maternal aunt. His mother based away in a tuberculosis clinic in Ohio. At some point as a young adult he broke off communication with his father.

Allen had three children and two grandchildren. He died in 1980 in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

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