The Epic, Legendary 70s Fashion

Sorting through my grandfather’s archive revealed a trove of photos from my childhood in the 1970s.

Bell bottoms? Check.

Butterfly collars? Of course.

Garish colors? You bet.

Have fun revealing in the epic fashion (mistakes?) of the 1970s. I sure did.

Goldenrod to the rescue with a matching shirt worn by my Dad.

Super, flare bell bottoms with a loose-shag haircut on my mom. Extra credit for my Dad’s aviators. My mom had ditched the bouffant do of the sixties.

Butterfly collars and zipper pockets and Hang Ten.

More goldenrod with bouffant hairdo on my mom.

More HangTen with the requisite shearling coat.

Pinks, plaids and coats (and bell bottoms, naturally) at the Empire State Building.

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